Dela-licious (super_dela) wrote in superpals4lyfe,

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a poem for Scotty

Scotty sweet Scotty
where did you go?
You left us one day
and never came home
Scotty sweet Scotty
please come home
Chopek is crying
and Chaves is without a home.
Scotty sweet Scotty
why are we alone?
John is sleeping with random women
and Dela cannot go swimming.
Scotty sweet Scotty
please return
the video tapes on the counter
because without you, the superpals are nothing
and my fro is just a fro

don't hate,
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scotty, i miss you
please come back home to bed
or else i will cry.

love, chopek.
Scotty,where art thou?
*wipes away tear* That was absolutely beautiful. God, I feel so loved.

Hmmm...why does John always have to be the one writing the introspective lyrics?