j ma (super_john) wrote in superpals4lyfe,
j ma

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I was bored and decided to draw for you all again.

The superpals doing what they do best


Look! I'm bendy,
J Ma
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ROFL. Best art work ever. Make more and sell 'em on Ebay. Horny bitches will buy them and admire the thought of Chopek in bed and you in a melon shirt? ::smirks.::
Yeah you know I'm damn sexy in my melon shirt.

Chopek sleeps in the nude,no one wants to see that.

Dela wears womens underwear.

Chaves has a tattoo of Florida on his ass.

And Scotty .. well he knows less than 100 words. Sad isn't it?
Pink is dead sexay.

Very, very true. Except that crazy ass guy from Silence of the Lambs might get giddy.

That wouldn't surprise me one bit, eh. Does he work night shift in drag?

Chaves just likes the lil' boys guys rollerblading around the streets in florida in their boxers.

Scotty takes after you. ;)
How dare you try to insult THE JOHN.

Pshh. No amazing sex for you. And I mean that.

Oh dear lord. ::bows down.::
Yeah,I can tell you're upset.

My nails are currently painted black. I AM DAMN SEXY! And it's also very manly to paint your nails.

I miss Chaves ... hold me.

OHOH you're the next Carson Daliy... That's a bit scary.

Would if I could. ;x
That wouldn't surprise me one bit, eh. Does he work night shift in drag?

No, you are confusing me with Chaves, HE'S the one that dresses up like a woman and picks up little boys men on the street. I just like the feel of silk on my booty ;) Is that so wrong?
So get some long ass silk boxers... even though there isn't much there to hold. XO
>:o you are just upset because I won't sleep with you :-*
Say wha? I ain't anyone's whore nor ever will be and I'm goood.

Even though like I told John.. Everything should end with a little fucking.
dude, great art work, but I don't ALWAYS do laundry, only when Chaves is gone :( I miss the little freak *sob*