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Ok, so the night with Harold didn't work out too well. It started out great at first. We watched Full House reruns and gave each other pedicures (I'll have you know I have glittery blue toe nails). But then the Sunday Night Sex Show came out. Normally I like that show, there's nothing like hearing a seventy something say words like ejaculation. However she decided to bring out her "Canadian Pleasure Treasure Chest" and I guess Harold got some ideas.

Needless to say I got the hell out of there and spent the night in a cardboard box (I forgot my keys and I think Dela had some company over...gotta break in those new groupies I guess).

But while in that box I learned a few important things. 1)Creepy 40 year old child molesters should not be wielding whips. 2) The Olsen twins have absolutely no acting ability. 3) I really do love you guys. *wipes away tear* Quite honestly I felt like I was cheating on Dela the entire time.

*sigh* I'll be gone for the next week or so. Doing what (or who) I cannot say. *does best spy pose* So yeah, who's going to feed Mr. Fifi while I'm away?

my ass is like whoa,
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