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don't be fooled by the rocks that I've got..

I am enjoying our little community, now even more since Johnny boy decided to grace us with his presence. And whats amazing is we now have fans! Like woah..Dela is taking requests for a love slave. Requirements? No, just qualifications:

-must not have a better fro than I
-male or female, i'm not picky ;)
-underaged or legal, again, i'm not picky
-must know how to make homemade soft pretzels
-must know who the superpals are, by name
-be able to deal with stress. i.e: chopek crying, scotty playing his bagpipes, chaves screaming like a girl and John molesting fans. All at once.
-must be able to deal with a cow. and not grill him
-bonus points if you know how to polish a bass
-must be at my beckon call 24/7. If I want lovin' at 3am, then you must be willing.

If you feel you can accomplish those goals, call John's cellphone and leave a 10 minute long message on why Dela is so much better than him. He enjoys that, really.

I've got the magic stick,
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