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Scotty and I are getting married! It's official. He loves me,I love him. I let him win at the Pie Check and he doesn't intend to rape me ;)

Dela has gone on to better things and may never return. If Any of you need counseling contact Chopek,I know I did.

Chaves has spent a lot of time on drugs and alcohol lately. We're all going down hill ladies & gents .. or should I say whores & retards? Chaves is also going to be "approached" by someone today. We don't know who,but we're pretty sure it'll take place in a dark alley! :\

We have a new addition to the tour bus,her name is Johnny. Welcome her like you would a flaming new case of herpes.

Just chillin' like the cool side of the pillow,
John (J Ma)
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